Product Review: Ninja Master Prep Pro.

Full disclosure: I am not getting paid to write this. However, I didn’t purchase this product either, I got it for free.

That said, here’s how I got this set:
Hubby has been working for HCA (Hospital Corporation of America) for 10 years now, so they sent him a little plaque and a, well, a prize. The website given had a list of tons of shiny toys, but none of them interested him so he told me to get whatever I wanted. After much debate – practical me wouldn’t let me get anything I wouldn’t use, and all the things I would use were cheaper – I settled on the Ninja Master Prep Pro set. Our blenders had both broken last year, so I needed a new one and it seemed like this would be a good choice.

I’m glad I chose it. The two things I dislike about it are that the pitchers are not glass, and the lids have a large lip on the inside that steals some of whatever you’re blending. I mean, it’s really difficult to get any of the stuff out unless you’re rinsing it (I’m stingy, I can’t let any of my smoothie go to waste!).

The things I really like are the ease of cleaning (everything is dishwasher safe); the blades come out easily, so no more murdering spatulas trying to get the stuff at the bottom of the blender; the motor is compact, so no more lugging a giant blender base onto my counter; there are multiple blades on top of one another, so the blending is more uniform.

I used the little processing bowl to grind avocado pits today and it worked like a charm. I had a very even texture when I was finished. On a similar note, I used it to grind coffee for a french press and I was equally impressed with the consistency with which it ground the beans. This blender is also great for making coconut milk!

All-in-all I’m satisfied with this product: it would have been well worth the cost, which is not terribly expensive to begin with.


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