Spring is in the Air.


Spring is here! And with it, lots and lots of mud. Having a puppy is pretty great…

My in-laws and I started our seedlings a few weeks ago in preparation for this year’s garden. We started a ton of tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, purple cauliflower, tomatillos, moon and star watermelons. I think that’s it. There are several other seed packets waiting for the last frost to happen, and some carrots, beets and parsnips to plant before the last frost.

We’ve been getting lots of moisture, which is fantastic! Because it’s been so wet I’ve got some volunteer spinach, an onion I tried overwintering, and garlic already growing. And lots of bindweed. Lots and lots of bindweed. I don’t mind telling you that I hate bindweed, with a passion. Bindweed is the honey-badger of weeds. It will not stop.

My cover crop I started failed pretty spectacularly last year, even though I started it pretty early. I forgot to water it enough, I think. Live and learn.

What are you planning on planting this year?

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